Frequently Asked Questions About Short Sales

"Short Sale" is a relatively new expression to many homeowners, yet this type of sale has been part of the real estate market for many years.  Unfortunately, most Realtors aren't familiar with the process, which has caused a lot of confusion in the community, with homeowners and even other Realtors.  Because I am a Certified Distressed Property Expert, I thought it would be prudent to explain and dispel some of the misunderstandings.

What Is A Short Sale?

A Short Sale is when:

The seller won't get any money at closing, yet they will avoid the financial and emotional damage that a foreclosure can cause.  During our negotiations with the bank, we work to include a favorable wording for the forgiven debt of the mortgage, which can help the recovery of the homeowner.  And I am able to do so in many circumstances.

Why Would A Lender Agree To Lose Money?

How Does A Short Sale Help Me?

I've Already Received My Foreclosure Notice.  Is It Too Late For A Short Sale?

I Haven't Missed Any Mortgage Payments.  Can I Still Do A Short Sale?

How Do I Pay The Realtor Commissions, Taxes And Other Expenses Associated With A Home Sale?

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